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Prof. Grant Allen

Grant Allen

Bioprocessing engineering for:

  • wastewater treatment;
  • maximization of value from industrial waste streams;
  • microalgae production from waste CO2 and wastewater.

Tel: +1 416 978 8517 web: Personal Web Page email: dgrant.allen@utoronto.ca

Prof. Levente Diosady

Prof Diosady

Food Engineering:

  • Microencapsulation of food ingredients and nutraceuticals;
  • And food fortification

Tel: +1 416 978 4137 web: Personal Web Page email: l.diosady@utoronto.ca

Prof. Elizabeth Edwards

Prof. Elizabeth Edwards

Modeling and analysis of anaerobic microbial communities for:

  • Biodegradation and bioremediation of toxic chemicals;
  • Anaerobic digestion of industrial and municipal wastes;
  • And biotransformation of waste to high-value products.

Tel: +1 416 946 3506 web: Personal Web Page email: elizabeth.edwards@utoronto.ca

Prof. Christopher Lawson

Prof. Christopher Lawson

Analysis and engineering of anaerobic microbiomes for:

  • Quantitative systems-level understanding of microbial metabolism;
  • Design and optimization of engineered microbial consortia;
  • Recovery of renewable bioenergy and bioproducts from waste resources.

Prof. Radhakrishnan Mahadevan

Prof. Radhakrishnan Mahadevan

Modeling and engineering of microbial systems for:

  • Genome-scale models of cellular processes;
  • Metabolic engineering using systems and synthetic biology;
  • And optimization and control of biological processes.

Tel: +1 416 946 0996 web: Personal Web Page email: krishna.mahadevan@utoronto.ca

Prof. Emma Master

Prof. Emma Master

Synthesis of new polymers and chemicals from plant fibre through:

  • Enzymology, protein engineering, proteomics, and lignocellulose chemistry;
  • And high-resolution surface analysis ligno-cellulose modifications.

Tel: +1 416 946 7861 web: Personal Web Page email: emma.master@utoronto.ca

Prof. Bradley Saville

Prof. Bradley Saville

Maximizing value in forest products and other processes through:

  • Bioreactor design and scale-up and processing of biomass slurries;
  • And economic, life cycle, and policy analyses s of bioproducts and biofuels

Tel: +1 416 978 7745 web: Personal Web Page email: bradley.saville@utoronto.ca

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