About BioZone

BioZone researchers and students capitalize on the dramatic progress in biology, particularly in genome science and genome analysis tools, to provide sound bioengineering solutions to real-world problems. BioZone unites researchers involved in all stages of taking an idea from the lab to commercial application, so that viable technologies can be developed in the context of technical, economic and public policy constraints.


The scale and complexity of today's issues require the collaboration of researchers from several disciplines, each contributing their unique expertise to bring the initial kernel of an idea to final implementation. BioZone brings together the research operations of seven Principal Investigators with unique expertise and proven research track-records that have led to commercially viable technologies. Additionally, these PIs partner with a large number of domestic and international collaborators. BioZone expertise includes: bioinformatics, genomics, metagenomics, proteomics, metabolomics, enzymology, structural biology, microbiology, cellular biology, chemistry, biophysics, catalysis, engineering, process engineering, mathematical modeling, and computer simulation.


In addition to a state-of-the-art mass spectrometry facility, BioZone includes extensive shared lab facilities that house an impressive array of sophisticated instruments, and collaborative student workspaces that accommodate visiting and local students working in core PI research groups. Learn more.


BioZone is home to over 100 scientific and administrative personnel, including 80 graduate students and post-doctoral fellows who are exposed to a wide variety of techniques, and are able to collaborate with researchers who have complementary skills to their own. Students have the opportunity to carry out research projects with a clear practical focus that links to the theoretical training they receive in class.

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