BioZone Facilities & Equipment

BioZone is a focal point for bioengineering research at the University of Toronto

BioZone Floor Plan

Our facilities provide a collaborative space and cross-disciplinary approach that enable researchers to share knowledge, processes and equipment as they tackle difficult technical problems in environment, energy and medicine. The facility occupies the west wing of the 3rd and 4th floors of the Wallberg building at the University of Toronto, providing over 1,800 m2 of laboratory and research workspace, including several large, bright, collaborative research labs.

BioZone research concerns enzymes, cells and organisms that can be harnessed for the creation of renewable bioproducts, fuel cells and medical therapies, and for the remediation of soil, water, and air. Computational approaches to screen and identify novel metabolic pathways and to engineer cellular processes play a central role in BioZone. Novel cultivation techniques, from microbial to human cells, are used to develop valuable new products.

The facility’s research labs house a wide array of analytical instruments for molecular biology, protein purification and identification, enzyme kinetics, substrate and metabolite analysis, microscopy and cell growth. The diversity of research within BioZone provides exposure to a wide range of expertise and analyses that can be useful for any given project, arming students with a broad array of state-of-the-art techniques to tackle complex problems.

Lab with sinks and benches in it

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