Associate Faculty Members

BioZone's core activities are complemented by the work of Associate PIs who participate in collaborative research and use BioZone facilities.


  • Arthur Chan (Chemical Engineering) -- Atmospheric chemistry and health impacts 
  • Frank Gu (Chemical Engineering) -- Nanotechnology for environmental remediation and pharmacological applications 
  • Alison McGuigan (Chemical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering) -- Tissue engineering for understanding tumour growth processes 
  • Vladimiros Papangelakis (Chemical Engineering) -- Aqueous and environmental process engineering for water purification and hydrometallurgy
  • Barbara Sherwood Lollar (Earth Sciences) -- Environmental chemistry and analysis of subsurface water quality and hydrogeology
  • Brent Sleep (Civil / Mineral Engineering) -- Soil and water remediation and modelling environmental processes 
  • Nicole Weckman (ISTEP, Chemical Engineering) -- Biological and biochemical sensor design for point-of-care diagnostics 
  • Jay Werber (Chemical Engineering) -- Membrane separations, purification processes and transport phenomena 


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