Challenges and Opportunities in Biotechnologies for CO2 Conversion — Symposium and Workshop

BioZone is proud to host Challenges and Opportunities in Biotechnologies for CO2 Conversion, a symposium and workshop to be held on June 21-22, 2023 at the Hart House at University of Toronto.

The goal of this workshop is to connect industry and academic participants to (1) identify the fundamental technical and regulatory challenges impeding the application of biotechnologies for CO2 capture and conversion to value-added products such as fuels and materials; and (2) to initiate the development of research consortia to solve these challenges.

We welcome participation from university faculty, industry researchers, students, and other trainees working in this area. Students and postdocs are encouraged to submit posters for our evening poster session.

For more information or registration details, please contact Jordan Wosnick.

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Day 1 Symposium Agenda (Wed, June 21, 2023)

Music Room -- Hart House, 7 Hart House Circle, Toronto (Univ. of Toronto Campus)
8:15amRegistration / Breakfast
8:40Introductions and Welcome:
Krishna Mahadevan
(BioZone / Dept. of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, University of Toronto)
Ramin Farnood (Chair, Dept. of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, University of Toronto)
Chris Yip (Dean, Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, University of Toronto)
9:00Ted Sargent (Northwestern / Toronto)
Electrofixing CO2 for bioupgrade
9:40 David Sinton (Toronto)
The Climate Positive Energy network at UofT and our electrocatalytic CO2 conversion effort
10:20Coffee Break
10:40Pam Silver (Harvard)
Designing biological systems for sustainability
11:20Ron Milo (Weizmann Institute of Science)
Teaching E. coli to fix carbon
1:00David Leys (Manchester)
The carboxylase side of the UbiD enzyme family
1:40Nico Claassens (Wageningen)
Electro-microbial CO2-based production - combining the best of chemistry and (synthetic) biology
2:20James Clomburg (LanzaTech)
Stepping on the gas towards a circular economy: Engineering gas-fermenting organisms for carbon-negative biomanufacturing
3:00Coffee Break
3:20Andrea Ramirez (Delft)
Shaping the development of sustainable carbon utilization technologies using ex-ante TEA and LCA
4:00Alfred Spormann (Stanford / CORC)
Capture and conversion of CO2 at scale
4:40Elizabeth Edwards (BioZone / Toronto)
Open Science at BioZone
5:00Poster Session

Day 2 Workshop Agenda (Thu, June 22, 2023)
(for faculty, principal investigators, and industry representatives)

Music Room -- Hart House, and other locations TBC (Univ. of Toronto Campus)
8:40Breakout discussion groups:

Group 1 -- Anaerobic digestion and CO2 conversion (hosted by Chris Lawson)
Group 2 -- Coupling electrochemistry and microbial approaches for CO2 conversion (hosted by Krishna Mahadevan)
Group 3 -- Enzymes for CO2 capture and conversion (hosted by Elizabeth Edwards)
11:30Breakout discussion round-up
12:00pmLunch and concluding remarks
1:00Workshop concludes

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